Wednesday, February 22, 2012

P90X2 Phase 1 Results

Okay I'm a little late posting our results, better late than never! We started another Beachbody program called P90X2 on January 9th. We are currently in our 3rd week of Phase 2. So far we reallllly like this program. It takes P90X to the next level by incorporating balance in with those crazy lifting moves. It really works your core!

Phase 1 is called Foundation. It really concentrates on balance to build strength in your core so you're ready for the crazy that comes in Phase 2 and 3. The other thing that's different about P90X2 is that you choose how long you want to do each Phase. They suggest anywhere between 3-6 weeks for each of the 3 Phases. Devin and I chose to do Phase 1 for 4 weeks. We felt that our balance was sufficient enough to move on to the next Phase.

So here's our Phase 1 results..
(note: our body fat caliper broke, so we weren't able to measure that before we started)

My stats
Weight: -3lbs.
Chest: 0
Waist: -2in.
Hips: -1in.
Rt Thigh: 0
Lt Thigh: 0
Rt Arm: 0
Lt Arm: +1/2in.

Devin's stats
Weight: -2lbs.
Chest: +1/2in.
Waist: -2 1/4in.
Hips: -1in.
Rt Thigh: +1in.
Lt Thigh: +1 1/2in.
Rt Arm: -1/4in.
Lt Arm: 0

Before and After pics (click for larger image)

Before we started X2 we were still working out, but not eating so good on the weekends for a while. After doing program after program and watching what we ate all the time for 2 years, we needed a little break to keep our sanity. I had lost some muscle and put on some extra pounds. From day 1 of P90X2 we've been back in our BEASTMODE! My goal is to have the same measurements as I had when I was at my fittest. I'm really trying to not look at the scale this time and focus more on the inches. Devin's goal is to maintain his weight this time and bulk up. We're going to Mexico in June, so we have plenty of time to reach our goals! 

We will be doing 6 weeks of Phase 2, so I'll check back in with results after that! 

I'm an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, so if you're interested in P90X2 or have any questions/comments about the program, please leave a comment here or email me fitmamashan at hotmail dot com. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

How to curl your hair with a sock and no heat: A Pinterest experiment

I, like the majority of some people, have been sucked into the depths of the endless pit of the most creative ideas ever found on the internet. (I wonder where my daughter gets her dramatics?!) All this cleverness has been ever so conveniently placed on one website, Surely you've heard of it by now!
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Anyways, the other day while I was on Pinterest, I came across this video tutorial on how to curl your hair with a sock and no heat.

Interesting, seemed easy enough. So I gave it a shot.

You'll have to sleep with this sock bun in your hair over night.

Basically, all you have to do is cut the toes off a sock..

Then, just roll up the sock until it looks like a donut.

Put your dry hair into a high pony tail. Spritz the pony with water to make it slightly damp. Then roll up your hair around the sock. Her tutorial on how to put your hair in a sock bun, here. It should end up looking something like this...

Then, the next morning, you take it out.
Next time I might just pin up any stray hairs and leave it in a pony...

After I first let it down.. currrrly!

After running my fingers through it some..
Looks okay...

Until I looked at the back side..
What a mess! Haha!

I ended up just putting it back up in a pony!

I might give it another shot. Maybe I didn't get my hair tight enough or evenly distributed around the donut. I only did it that one time and the girl in the video says it might take a few times to perfect it. 

Either way, if it doesn't work out next time, at least I know it makes a decent looking pony! Ha ha!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catch Up Post!

Last post was in August? Where did the time go?! Let's get up to speed real quick...

Deagen started Pre-K!

Deagen played his first season of soccer last fall! He loved it! We're starting that again here soon!

Not much new with my girly girl. Just lovvves to wear dress up clothes all the time and boy can that girl chat it up! Oh and she's obsessed with anything that's pink!

Batgirl and Batman for Halloween!

Devin and I had our 7 year anniversary! We had dinner at Skies one last time before it closed. Such a shame, such an incredible view! Very romantic! :)

We went to the Chiefs vs. Packers game on Dec. 18th. We sat front row in our family's season ticket seats, on the 30 yd line, right behind the Chiefs. After the game, D. Bowe came over and handed his gloves to us! NBD

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas! Here's a pic of the kids seeing all the presents for the first time Christmas morning. It was so fun seeing their eyes light up, we're truly blessed!

Devin and I had an awesome New Year's Eve with some best friends!

My baby boy turned 5 on New Year's Day!!! This pic cracks me up! Haha!

Fitness wise, I had taken a month off working out. Then I did a couple rounds of Brazil Butt Lift. After that I just did a mix of all of our programs.

Yesterday I started P90X2, that was just released in December! So far I love it! I'll keep ya posted on how it goes!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deactivating Facebook

This last Sunday morning was one like most of my mornings. Wake up, brew coffee, make breakfast, turn on laptop, and log in to Facebook. I get sucked into that world for about an hour before I get up and do something else.

A little later that morning I was messing around with Dailyn. Tickling, giggling, and snuggling. I had a moment of I don't ever want her to grow up, I wish I could pause life. I was just staring at her, taking in her beauty and sweet character. I realized then that I need more of these moments. They happen often, but not often enough.

Then I kicked myself. I have all the time in the world to spend with my kids since I'm a stay at home mom. What holds me back from having more of those moments?


Any free moment I had, I was clicking refresh on the News Feed. I didn't want to miss anything. I was addicted to keeping up with everyone else's drama filled lives instead of living my own to the fullest.

I knew what I should do and I needed to do it then while my mind was thinking clearly.

I told Dailyn I'd be right back and then I ran to my computer. I read through the Help section on deleting and deactivating my account. I didn't want to delete it because I didn't want to lose my pictures and everything. It said if you deactivate, then you can get back on at anytime and everything will be right where you left it. Exactly what I was looking for. I need a break, a vacation, from Facebook for awhile. At least until I learned that I don't need to know what everyone is doing at every moment...

A little bit of anxiety rushed through me. Don't take that wrong... I get anxiety all the time. I'll admit that I'm addicted to Facebook, but not like one is with crack or something. I'll be fine, but doubt came over me if I could really do it. If I really wanted to disconnect from everyone. Dailyn and Deagen came to mind and I thought, Yes, I really need to do this. 

I clicked on Deactivate Account. 20 seconds later, I was logged out and blacked out from all my Facebook friends. I sat back in my chair and took a deep breath. My first thought was, I'm free.

I went back to Dailyn and just snuggled. Deagen took a break from playing a game with his daddy for a minute and snuggled too. Reassuring that I did do the right thing. I felt so happy and really good.

The rest of the day went by sooooo slow. I realized how much being on Facebook had made the time just fly by. I felt so relaxed and less tense. I was barely on the computer for the whole day... there's not much to do on it without Facebook. Ha! 

At one point of the day I had left the house. As I was driving through the neighborhood I thought, no one knows where I am or where I'm going. I feel like a rebel almost. I feel so free! There was another time during the day where I took a pic Deagen using the camera on my phone (out of habit) with the idea in mind that I'll upload it to Facebook. Well, can't do that! It was very bizarre being disconnected!

Overall, Day 1 was a success. I felt so free and less stressed. Why didn't I do this a long time ago??

Monday morning, Day 2, was much more leisurely than my normal mornings. I didn't feel rushed to make my coffee and breakfast so I could get on Facebook sooner.

I'm definitely less distracted. I get things done all at once with no Facebook interruptions. Usually I'd get a Facebook notification on my phone or I'd just have that urge to check the News Feed just one more time while I was in the middle of doing something else around the house. Getting things done faster is giving me so much more free time! Ha! Duh Shan! SMH

So far the rest of the week is going by pretty well. I'm not missing Facebook as much as I thought I would! I think by the end of my break I'll be less of an addict... Haha!! ;)

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Who Could It Be Now?

Noooo, not the song, silly!


I'm here! After a 4 month hiatus!

I have no legit excuses for my absence. Just the lame truth... which was is that I'm the biggest procrastinator and commitment phobe there is. Besides when it comes to working out, oddly enough. Ha!

Countless times I was all like, "Ohhhh I need to blog again.... eh, maybe tomorrow..."

Which brings us to today... 4th months later. See? WINNER!

What did you miss? Well, let's photo re-cap!

After my second round of P90X I did a new 30 day program called Asylum. Since then, just random workouts from all the programs I have.

Deagen finished his first preschool year. This photo was taken at his school after his graduation ceremony.

Deagen's already committed to the "girl he's going to marry." Yes, he's only 4.

My big 2 year old girl switched from crib to "big girl bed!" She did it with ease, I might add. No having to fight with her to stay in her bed at night time. Just goes right to sleep!

Deagen went tubing for the first time. Don't let the kung fu death grip fool you, he had a blast!

Lots of time was spent at the lake!

Lots of pool time as well. Towards the end of this summer Deagen was swimming without any floaties. Swimming under water even! Then Dailyn got brave and narrowed down her life jacket to just a noodle. The little dare devil will even try to swim without anything, but she goes right under! Haha!

She's my eater, she will eat ANYTHING, anytime.

Devin and I went on our first float trip. Which was our first time camping as well. There were 30 of us in our group. It was definitely a good time!!! (No one got hurt)

Lots of time was spent with my friend, Wine.

I painted Dailyn's toes like Skittles. So pretty! She lovvved that!

Bought this recently and listened to it countless times. <3 it!

The most serious "highlight" of our summer was Deagen getting his first stitches about 2 weeks ago. Poor guy fell into a fireplace and split his forehead right open! He hardly cried at all through the ordeal. However, Mama was a mess. I'll be more than happy if I don't have to ever go through that type of scary situation ever again. Hopefully he's not following his Daddy's footsteps because he's been to the ER countless times!
 He had to get 7 stitches, poor guy! He didn't even move when they put the stitches in though! He just kept saying, "Man, I wish I wouldn't have hit my head." Haha!

Lots of partying with friends this summer too...
Devin might've taken the partying a little too far... but still, GOOD TIMES!!!

That about covers everything...
Hope everyone is having a fun summer!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fitness Update - Round 2 P90X Final Results

Hi kids! It's been a bit and I owe you a fitness update!

After TurboFire I did a 30 day program, Brazil Butt Lift. AWESOME program I must say! My bum bum is shaped up and all nice and tight. With summer right around the corner, this program will whip your booty into shape just in time to be swimsuit ready this summer! ;)

Then, on January 3, D Hubs and I started our 2nd round of P90X. Which we just finished! Instead of a monthly break down, I'll just show the final before and after results.

My stats:

Day 0
Day 90
Body Fat
26 ½”
-1 ½”
Right Thigh
Left Thigh
17 ½”
- ½”  
Right Arm
11 ½”  
- ½”
Left Arm
11 ½”
- ½”

DH's stats:

Day 0
Day 90
Body Fat
41 ½”
40 ½”
31 ½”
30 ½”
36 ½”
- ½”
Right Thigh
21 ¾”
+ ¼”
Left Thigh
21 ¾”
+ ¼”
Right Arm
15 ¾”
15 ½”
- ¼”
Left Arm
15 ½”
15 ½”

Before and Afters (Click for larger image)

Next up is INSANITY: THE ASYLUM... Man it looks tough! It won't be released for another couple weeks or so. So until then, we're just going to do our own mix of all the Beachbody programs we already have.

Keep pressing play people!

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