Monday, April 12, 2010

P90x Phase 3 and Final Results!

We did it! We completed the 90 days of P90x! I've never been so proud of myself for following through with it. I'm really proud of D Hubs too. I'm just speechless about his 90 day results. In case you missed it, you can see our phase 1 results here and our phase 2 results here.

Here's our phase 3 results.

My numbers

Weight: 0
Body fat: -1%
Chest: 0
Waist: 0
Hips: 0
Rt thigh: -1/2in.
Lt thigh: -1in.
Rt arm: 0
Lt arm: 0

D Hub's numbers

Weight: -5lbs.
Body fat: -3%
Chest: +3/4in.
Waist: -1in.
Hips: -1/4in.
Rt thigh: +1/4
Lt thigh: 0
Rt arm: +1/4in.
Lt arm: +1/4in.

Series of P90x pictures
(click on pics for larger image)

Final Before and After Results

My Stats: Day 0 / Day 91

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 123lbs. / 118lbs. -5lbs.
Body fat: 26% / 17% -9%
Chest: 36 1/4in. / 34in. -2 1/4in.
Waist: 33 1/2in. / 28in. -5 1/2in.
Hips: 35in. / 33in. -2in.
Rt thigh: 17 1/2in. / 17in. -1/2in.
Lt thigh: 17in. / 16 1/2in. -1/2in.
Rt arm: 11 1/2in. / 11 1/2 -0
Lt arm: 11in. / 11 1/2in. +1/2in.

D Hub's Stats: Day 0 / Day 91

Height: 6'
Weight: 181lbs. / 161lbs. -20lbs.
Body fat: 19% / 8% -11%
Chest: 39 3/4in. / 38 3/4in. -1in.
Waist: 36in. / 29in. -7in.
Hips: 37in. / 35 1/4in. - 1 3/4in.
Rt thigh: 22 3/4in. / 21 1/4in. -1 1/2in.
Lt thigh: 22in. / 21 1/4in. -3/4in.
Rt arm: 14 3/4in. / 15 1/4in. +1/2in.
Lt arm: 14 1/4in. / 14 3/4in. +1/2in.

Fit test Before and After: The P90x program suggests that you take this fit test to see where you stand and to see if your current fitness level is adequate to do the program. Then when the program is over, you can retake the test and see all of the improvements you've made.

Day 0 / Day 91

Pull-ups (Wide grip, over hand)
Me: 0 /3
D: 4 / 11

Vertical Leap
Me: 12in. / 14in.
D: 17in. / 21in.

Push-ups (Standard)
Me: 8 / 20
D: 35 / 45

Toe Touch
Me: +1in. / +6 1/2in.
D: Barely touch / +1in.

Wall Squat
Me: 1min. 4sec. / 2min. 18sec.
D: 1min. 14sec. / 3min. 4sec.

Bicep Curls
Me: 50+ with 5lbs. / 12 with 15lbs.
D: 15 with 30lbs. / 25 with 30lbs.

In & Outs (Ab test)
Me: 36 / 80
D: 17 / 60
Both of us could've kept on going... too easy.

Before and After pictures
(Click on pics for larger image)

Overall I think the program is great. We both have really good final results. I'm a little disappointed with my last 30 days. My numbers didn't really change and my pics pretty much look the same as the 60 day results. I'm not sure why the "magic" didn't happen for me. I did cheat a little on the weekends the last month. Maybe that had everything to do with it. Or maybe it's because I'm a woman and it's just simply harder for us to shed body fat than it is for a man. I'll never know, but I know for a fact that I will do P90x again in the future. I know it works.

D Hub's definitely had some magic happen for him in that last phase. He's very happy with the results and I don't blame him at all. I'm a tad envious that he ended up having better results than me. That's okay though because next week I'm starting another Beachbody program called Insanity. Looks pretty tough, but it's only 60 days. I think KNOW I can handle it!

In case you're not aware, I'm an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. So, if you're interested in trying out P90x or any of the other Beachbody fitness programs let me know!


Masala Chica said...

You look so awesome! So proud of you girl - i really can't believe how much stronger you have gotten. you were always a hot tamale - so it was hard to mess with perfection but you have accomplished a lot - good for you!

Lisa @ This Mommy Works said...

You guys look amazing! DH is almost done with his first 90 days and looks amazing! I am starting tonight --- hoping I can move tomorrow :-)

Dual Mom said...

That's amazing! You look incredible!

Hubs looks like a new man - you must be loving that!!! haha

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

You already know I'm interested I just have to get the money together to purchase this system. You look amazing girl - and your hubby my jaw dropped what GREAT results! You both should be extremely proud of each other!!! I can't wait to hear about Insanity! oxox

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Look at the gun show on Shandal! Damn, girl!

And your hubby looks AMAZING!

MiMi said...

Geez! That is RIDICULOUS!!! You look amazing, both of you!
And I CAN see a difference in your last 30 days.

Amy Luft said...

You both look wonderful! And I agree, I too CAN see a difference for you from day 60 to day 90. Awesome job!!!!!

Shell said...

Congrats, girl! You both look FABULOUS!!!!

Kiera said...

wowy girlie, you look awesome! and yes, i think that the results thing probably IS the girl vs guy thing. I cant wait to hear all about insanity!

you did it!!!!!!

tiffany said...

AWESOME! You both had fantastic results! Way to keep bringing it through all 90 days! Hope my results are even 1/2 as impressive. Woot!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Wowsas! You both look amazing! And I think you have to know The Husband to get the full impact of this, but I just showed him the pics and both of your stats and he asked how much P90X cost! Very impressive, and you look awesome!

We live in a Zoo! said...

Well in case you haven't already herd it enough, you both look FANTASTIC!!!
Wait ta go!!!

The Only Girl said...

Well done - You both look great! (your hubby looks especially pleased with himself!)

Hutch said...

Congrats, you look great! I saw the Insanity infomerical when I was randomly channel surfing yesterday. I'm very curious to hear how that goes!

Ams said...

Holy crap and a half!!! I cannot get over your guys' results..
You guys look AMAZING!
Your hubby... holy difference hey!? What is he going to do now that he is done the 90 days?

I am so proud of you guys!!! You look great :)

Yankee Girl said...

You both look fansmashingtastic!

3LittleMonkeys said... both look spectacular. So toned! I really wish my hubs would do that program!

Way to go hot momma!

I did Insanity Max Interval Circuit this morning. Dripping with sweat when I was done. Enjoy the program.

whatsundermyapron said...

WOOT WOOT!! You look FAB-U-LOUS, girl!!

Toni @ Hemp & High Heels

Jeremy said...

You guys did amazing! I have to show this to my girlfriend to help keep her motivated.

Make sure to post updates as you go through Insanity. I'm thinking about starting that up after my girlfriend and I finish up our first round of P90X.

RedDreads said...

this is SERIOUSLY impressive. I am confused on what this is?? this being P90X. What exactly did you do?

Salt said...

OMG! You guys!!! You both look fantastic! No wonder you wanted to be a coach!!

I'm talking this over with my hubs to see if he'll do it with me.

Allyson said...

Well it's one of life ridiculous facts that men can shed weight just by thinking about it while women have to waste away on an island and participate in challenges to avoid being voted off. It's not right. But then didn't DHubs also go an extra week so that you all could finish together? Maybe THAT had everything to do with it. ;)

At any rate, you both look FANTASTIC and I cannot believe how much your wall squat increased! That's awesome! And you're just in time to rock that little bikini. It's a good thing you are both so hot...otherwise DHubs would have his work cut out for him defending your honor at the pool. ;)

Journey2Goal said...

What amazing results! I think you looked great before Shandal, but getting more toned is always a nice reward! Your husbands arms are crazy!!!! You two should be so proud of yourselves for sticking with it! Congrats!

Samantha said...

You look great! Just started Day it okay if you're not able to finish Day 1? I could've kept going, but I was so fatigued, I thought I would lose form completely defeating the purpose of it all. Besides...the backs of my legs are already sore! Haha...

jessalyn said...

i know you posted this like a week ago, and i suck for not commenting yet (work=no bloggy time) BUT i had to tell you how rocking you are! serious kick ass lady. you both did so awesome! you are an inspiration girly!

Honey B. said...

OMG, you two look like something straight out of commercial....well done!!

Kristin said...

HOLY CRAP! You look amazing. I am SO showing this to the hubs. I've been trying to get him to do P90X with me!

Erin said...

You guys both look phenomenal. My jaw is on the floor. Quit being so hard on yourself though---you didn't have as much to lose as your hubs, plus he's a man and he's are TINY and your abs and arms are awesome!

I've been doing Jillian's 30-Day Shred, but not diligently. I need to get on it!

meredith said...

you guys seriously look AMAZING!! i am so freakin' proud of you sticking with it for 90 days. that's INSANE. the hard work totally paid off!

Mark S. said...

Great job! Thanks for providing comprehensive details and photos tracking the results. Ive completed P90x and kept going with it. But My wife just started phase 2, and I sent her the link to your page. Being able to see the results is inspiring to others. My wife saw my results, but I think its nice for her to be able to relate to other women who have made the choice to be disciplined and complete this workout. That said...Your husband has some great results as well!

Excellent!!, keep up the hard work and effort!

Jamie said...

I just started P90 X today. I am most intrigued by the Ab Ripper X and your results. I've tried other work out videos before but I haven't really seen the greatest impact (especially in the abs department). Did you do Ab RIpper X only on the specified days or did you do it every day?

Shandal said...

Jamie, your comments are set up as no email reply! Hope you see this! I only did Ab Ripper on the scheduled days. I followed the program to a T. Including the diet. I only had 2 cheat meals in the entire 90 days. Also, only one serving of carbs. In the book it says you can up your carbs in later phases, but as soon as I upped it, I noticed more bloating, so I stuck with the Phase 1 phase diet through out the 90 days. OH, and I only had a couple glasses of wine on 2 special occasions, other than that, no alcohol! Hope that helps!

Jamie said...

Hmm okay! I think the only thing I need now is to purchase a chin-up bar or rig that sets in a door frame.
Thanks for responding!

Jamie said...

Hey! You look great! I'm starting the Insanity program on Monday..have you started it yet? I am most concerned with a corresponding diet, I have trouble strictly following a nutrition guide. Do you have any hints/advice to give me?

jeff said...

You guys look amazing. I have started the p90x last week and so far my meals have been breakfast 1/2 cup oatmeal and protein powder, snack protein shake, lunch tuna/fish and bread. or ham sandwich half the bread as well as a protein shake for snack or a tuna. and sensible dinner :) I need help. Do you guys have a copy of your meal plans for a month or shopping list and what portions to eat?

Shandal said...

Jeff, your email isn't set up on here, there's no way to contact you...

PLEASE leave email address or set up your blogger profile to show your email so I can reply to your comments! Thanks!!

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