Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catch Up Post!

Last post was in August? Where did the time go?! Let's get up to speed real quick...

Deagen started Pre-K!

Deagen played his first season of soccer last fall! He loved it! We're starting that again here soon!

Not much new with my girly girl. Just lovvves to wear dress up clothes all the time and boy can that girl chat it up! Oh and she's obsessed with anything that's pink!

Batgirl and Batman for Halloween!

Devin and I had our 7 year anniversary! We had dinner at Skies one last time before it closed. Such a shame, such an incredible view! Very romantic! :)

We went to the Chiefs vs. Packers game on Dec. 18th. We sat front row in our family's season ticket seats, on the 30 yd line, right behind the Chiefs. After the game, D. Bowe came over and handed his gloves to us! NBD

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas! Here's a pic of the kids seeing all the presents for the first time Christmas morning. It was so fun seeing their eyes light up, we're truly blessed!

Devin and I had an awesome New Year's Eve with some best friends!

My baby boy turned 5 on New Year's Day!!! This pic cracks me up! Haha!

Fitness wise, I had taken a month off working out. Then I did a couple rounds of Brazil Butt Lift. After that I just did a mix of all of our programs.

Yesterday I started P90X2, that was just released in December! So far I love it! I'll keep ya posted on how it goes!!


Chellinha ♥ said...

Hi I just found your blog while searching for p90x results... and omg I am amazed at how both your and your husband's bodies changed! I am starting on day 1 today and I really hope to get the same results..you have a beautiful family :) xoxo

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

You go girl with the P90X2!!! Keep us posted on your progress. It looks like you had a busy end of the year! :)

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