Wednesday, February 22, 2012

P90X2 Phase 1 Results

Okay I'm a little late posting our results, better late than never! We started another Beachbody program called P90X2 on January 9th. We are currently in our 3rd week of Phase 2. So far we reallllly like this program. It takes P90X to the next level by incorporating balance in with those crazy lifting moves. It really works your core!

Phase 1 is called Foundation. It really concentrates on balance to build strength in your core so you're ready for the crazy that comes in Phase 2 and 3. The other thing that's different about P90X2 is that you choose how long you want to do each Phase. They suggest anywhere between 3-6 weeks for each of the 3 Phases. Devin and I chose to do Phase 1 for 4 weeks. We felt that our balance was sufficient enough to move on to the next Phase.

So here's our Phase 1 results..
(note: our body fat caliper broke, so we weren't able to measure that before we started)

My stats
Weight: -3lbs.
Chest: 0
Waist: -2in.
Hips: -1in.
Rt Thigh: 0
Lt Thigh: 0
Rt Arm: 0
Lt Arm: +1/2in.

Devin's stats
Weight: -2lbs.
Chest: +1/2in.
Waist: -2 1/4in.
Hips: -1in.
Rt Thigh: +1in.
Lt Thigh: +1 1/2in.
Rt Arm: -1/4in.
Lt Arm: 0

Before and After pics (click for larger image)

Before we started X2 we were still working out, but not eating so good on the weekends for a while. After doing program after program and watching what we ate all the time for 2 years, we needed a little break to keep our sanity. I had lost some muscle and put on some extra pounds. From day 1 of P90X2 we've been back in our BEASTMODE! My goal is to have the same measurements as I had when I was at my fittest. I'm really trying to not look at the scale this time and focus more on the inches. Devin's goal is to maintain his weight this time and bulk up. We're going to Mexico in June, so we have plenty of time to reach our goals! 

We will be doing 6 weeks of Phase 2, so I'll check back in with results after that! 

I'm an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, so if you're interested in P90X2 or have any questions/comments about the program, please leave a comment here or email me fitmamashan at hotmail dot com. 


Samantha said...

I'm in my break phase, still working out but doing some lighter stuff. I just started Yoga on Monday. I've been doing P90X non stop for two I'm just kinda doing what I want right now. You just made me feel less guilty for doing that :)

Great results so far though. I do want to do P90X2...maybe when I'm ready to get back into some full fledged workouts, I'll start it.

Lacey said...

You look amazing girl! And I LOVE your bikini!! Great progress, keep it up!!! :)

Grand Pooba said...

You two look so good!!! The boyfriend and I started doing the regular P90X, any tips?

Ioana-Carmen said...

Very intersting! follow each other darling?:X

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Can I just say that just when I think you can't get any more fit looking you go and blow that idea out of the water! And I love that suit! keep up the great work girl!

Tim Maguire said...

Wow, great job guys. You are an inspiration to us in the X2 community.

Im starting X2 after 16 weeks on X1, and it seems so much more difficult so I'm happy to see the posts.

Keep kicking butt!


you two look great, I can't do this is too much for me :)

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